Have you ever eaten at a Five Guys restaurant before?

If you have, you’ve probably noticed that the employees there seem to give customers A TON of French fries.

But, according to the former Five Guys employee, you’re about to hear from, it’s all an illusion and the bigwigs at the burger chain are actually pulling a fast one on you…because you’ve probably also noticed that it costs a pretty penny to eat there…

Check out what he had to say…it might surprise you…

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Here’s what folks had to say about this on TikTok.

One person said,

“Can confirm, I worked at a Five Guys and that’s exactly what I was told, too. We always added an extra scoop on top of the fry cup per policy.”

Another viewer added,

“I’ve gotten 5 guys once in the past 5.5 years since I stopped working there for this reason lol.”

Other people couldn’t believe the prices this guy was talking about.

One said,

“$26? Where I’m at it’s like $12.”

And another viewer added,

“No joke. Where I’m at a cheeseburger, regular fries, a drink comes out to be about 15 dollars.”

And one former employee offered up another reason about why they won’t eat there again:

“I stopped eating at 5 Guys after working there too 2 inch layer of grease on the walls EVERY night behind the fryer, couldn’t stomach it ever again.”

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