Inflation seems to be easing up a bit, but it’s definitely true that a lot of things are still too expensive…and some are still pretty hard to find, too.

And at the top of that list is eggs.

A video on TikTok shows just how crazy the demand for eggs has gotten lately. Take a look and see for yourself.

@mr.nintendodog #Egg-demic here at #costco yes folks we are here in crazy lime for eggs. #eggs ♬ original sound – Mr Nintendo

And in a follow-up video, the woman who posted it talked about how things were getting testy.

The video caption says, “S**t’s getting real here at Costco. Fighting over eggs, this egg-demic here.”

@mr.nintendodog Things got intense here at #Costco today on this #egg-demic. #shopping #grocery #pandemic ♬ original sound – Mr Nintendo

And here’s what folks had to say about this on TikTok.

One person said,

“I like eggs but not enough to stand in line for.”

And another person made a joke about how much the pandemic and inflation have changed the way we buy things now and commented,

“Stuff we use for pranks back in the day, first toilet paper, now eggs.”

One viewer commented,

“Geez people really? Eggs aren’t even that bad in price if you look around at different stores a bit.”

Another individual added,

“People themselves make issues even worse. They panic and there they are in a line fighting over whatever it is at the moment.”

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