Oftentimes, it’s the background of photos that’s hiding the real gems. Check out these 10 photos with backgrounds way more interesting than what’s going on in focus.

1. “I was taking a photo of my girlfriend when I turned around and saw all this.”

Photo Credit: Pikabu: homerchick

2. “3 years ago, I married the love of my life and my sister fainted.”

3. Whoa.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Aspi87

4. This guy’s really long arm.

Photo Credit: Imgur

5. These guys on a boat tour got more than they bargained for.

Photo Credit: Pikabu: frommist

6. The blood moon decided to photobomb these two ancient statues.

Photo Credit: Reddit: islmit

7. Look out!

Photo Credit: Reddit: SuperMuncho

8. I think someone behind you might require some help.

Photo Credit: Imgur

9. Wes Anderson subtly sneaking into this photo.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Tuffer52

10. Checking out the competition.

Photo Credit: Reddit