I’m not a left-handed person, but some of my friends and family are and I appreciate their daily struggles. I mean, why do you think Ned Flanders opened The Leftorium on The Simpsons? BECAUSE HE KNEW.

Here are just 9 of the soul-crushing things the lefties among us have to deal with all the time.

1. Torture devices

Photo Credit: All-Spec

2. Silver Surfer hand

Photo Credit: Reddit

3. The Great Zipper Fold Conspiracy

Photo Credit: Pixabay

4. Can openers are evil

Photo Credit: Reddit

5. Coffee mugs don’t care about you

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6. Dealing with these desks

Photo Credit: Office Chairs

7. Video games are impossible

Photo Credit: Sony

8. This needs to be upside down

Photo Credit: Amazon

9. Painful notebook rings, rubbing your arms

Photo Credit: Pixabay