Packing, road trips, everyday trips around town – you spend a lot of time in your car, and that goes double (or triple) if you have kids. The more kids (and more running) you do, the more you’re going to appreciate these 7 hacks that center around making your car more efficient and enjoyable.

#7. Stay organized – simply.

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You have a lot of documents in your car, and they need to be easy to find. Why not keep a file folder under the seat so you can stop rummaging for your insurance card?

#6. Partitions.

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If you’re going to be in the car for a while and you have children who enjoy terrorizing each other (and you in the process) these could be your answer.

#5. DIY Tablet Holder.

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Sure, you can buy one, but why bother when you can make your own?

#4. Install A Trunk Shelf.

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Keep dirty practice shoes away from bags and carpet you’d rather keep clean – or wet umbrellas, et al. Brilliant!

#3. Deep Clean.

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Pro-tip: Use a toothbrush to get into all of those hard-to-reach areas.

#2. DIY Trash Bag

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You’re always going to have trash in your car, so why don’t you have bags to catch it instead of dropping it in the doors or center console? No good reason!

#1. Eliminate Upholstery Stains.

If you’ve got kids, you’ve got these – to get rid of them, mix vinegar and baking soda and rub it into the upholstery. Once it’s dry, simply vacuum it up!

I’ll definitely be trying this one!