In my correct opinion, the best thing about texting is it really has given us an easy way to be extremely passive aggressive with those we love.

And really… is there anything better than tormenting those closest to us?

NOPE! Let’s get up on these texts and ride them into the sunset!

1. Dogs are people, too.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @BestOfTexts

2. Brb… gtg download the Google docs app… 

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3. Nailed it.

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4. Questions are important.

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5. Send me a dog pic.

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6. You know, the beans store. Duh.

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7. Autocorrect can be a beautiful thing.

8. I’d like to know the answer to this one, too…


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10. Ya’ll remember Ken Bone?

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11. They know they don’t have to hit send, right?

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12. Science jokes FTW!

13. Sometimes a snake is just a snake.


15. You’re doing it wrong. But kind of right also.

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16. Future doctors of America… O_O

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17. Karma texting is all the rage…

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18. I don’t know what’s going on and maybe that’s okay.

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19. Didn’t we all?

20. OH YEAH!!!!


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22. Wrong number. So very many numbers wrong.

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23. Totally knocked it out of the womb.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @han_NASTY