I don’t know about you, but I always like to sneak a peek at what people are reading on public transportation.

The Instagram page Subway Creatures collects the funny and bizarre literature that folks are reading on the subway and it is great.

Take a look.

1. Don’t do that

2. Half-night stand

3. Hmmm

4. Sounds fascinating

5. Hmmm

6. A burning question

7. We all need this

8. Is it working?

9. Now, that is working

10. Yes

11. Blunt time

12. I’d like to read this

13. Look at you now!

14. Uh oh

15. B*tches

16. Are you sure?

17. Is that true?

18. Educate yourself

19. Liberation

20. Good Booty

Check out Subway Creatures on Instagram for more.