Is there anything better than married life? Actually…don’t answer that question, okay?

You know where this is headed. The institution of marriage is about to mocked and ridiculed 20 different ways.

You’re welcome!

1. Face palm

2. The peak

3. Cleanin’ the weird sh*t

4. Yeah, that’s different

5. Might need a spreadsheet

6. Might be over

7. They really should be

8. That’s real love

9. It was you. Admit it.

10. Divorce or annulment?

11. A delicate balance

12. That’s awkward

13. Hahahaha

14. Boom!

15. She must be very happy

16. A mystery

17. New life

18. It can’t be!

19. In the background

Wedded bliss! Right?!?!