For some people (like 19 year-old me), there could be way more than 19 facts about orgasms that would be eye-opening and new. It’s sad, but too many people don’t understand or take the time to think about what’s happening to them (and their partners!) during sex.

Well, I’m here to help! Read on to educate yourself, and, hopefully, get a little pleasure out of the process. *wink*


The oxytocin and endorphins released during a female orgasm can increase her pain tolerance in the minutes following by up to 75%. Maybe try this during labor?


It’s possible for a nursing mother to experience a low-intensity orgasm while breastfeeding. The experience has more to do with a spike in both oxytocin and prolactin, hormones that facilitate orgasms but are also produced while breastfeeding, than nipple stimulation.


A small Dutch study back in 2005 showed that 80% of women who wore socks had an orgasm, while only 50% of barefooted women claimed the same. I haven’t the slightest idea why, but I also don’t need more reasons to buy socks.

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If the average man produces 14 gallons of semen over a lifetime and an average orgasm produces 1 teaspoon, that means men experience 215 orgasms a year for 50 years. You’re welcome, dudes.


The average refractory period (recovery time) for a man is 30 minutes – but it’s only 15 minutes if you’re 18. If you’re seventy, your twofer days are over, as it could take up to 20 hours to recoup.


Ovulation time is good for more than getting knocked up – thanks to the increase of estradiol in your system, your clitoris can swell up to 20% of its original size.

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Want to live longer? Have more sex! A study that lasted over 10 years and included almost 1,000 men concluded that men who have a high frequency of orgasms also have a 50% lower mortality risk than men who orgasm with lower frequency.


If you’re struggling to orgasm, or to orgasm as much as you’d like, a change to your diet might be in order. An increase in certain supplements like zinc, magnesium, calcium, Omega 3, and chocolate (yep!) can boost dopamine and testosterone levels.


Orgasms are more fun that getting spooked or holding your breath, and it turns out they cure hiccups, too! It has something to do with how they interact with “the vagus nerve and signal leakage that occurs between various body reflect functions.”


There are tons of things that aren’t fair in a patriarchal society, but one thing works in favor of us ladies – even at 80 years old, studies have found that over 50% of us still orgasm, while it’s much more common for men to lose the capability as they age.


In the time it takes to read this sentence, 250,000 people will have an orgasm. Kind of makes you sorry you’re the one reading instead of having, huh?

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In 2007/2008, Durex did a worldwide survey in an attempt to determine which countries had the biggest gap between the number of men and women who are experiencing orgasms. It turns out the biggest losers (in order) were Russia, Thailand, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Poland. The country with the smallest gap is Nigeria, but of course, there are other factors (like percentage of men able to orgasm) that could have affected the findings.


Orgasms produce white blood cells and endorphins, which could boost our immune systems.

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Women can also orgasm in their sleep! In fact, up to 35% of women claim to have experienced this, and 5% admitted it’s how they had their first Big O.


If you’re a woman, are you a moaner/groaner/screamer? If so, a 2011 survey found that for 66% of you, it doesn’t indicate orgasm or pleasure as much as a desire to get the guy to climax sooner.


Cutting off your flow of oxygen could enhance your orgasm intensity…or it could kill you. Approximately 500-1,000 people (mostly men under the age of 25) die this way every year.


A study of brain function found that during an orgasm, women “do not have any emotional feeling.” Which is to say, you have to clear your mind to make it happen, so stop thinking about other stuff!


While the average male orgasm lasts 5-22 seconds, 18-20 seconds is the average female orgasm. Yay for being a lady!

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The winner (truly) of Denmark’s masturbate-a-thon was a woman who came 226 times in one day. The record for a male was 8. I mean…this is what Denmark competes in, and we see how many wet hotdogs a dude can swallow in 5 minutes? Fail, America.

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