These kids are UPSET. And for good reason. Maybe the microwave ate their lunch? Maybe they didn’t perfectly place a Cheerio on their spoon.

Like I said, good reasons. Take a look at these 18 youngsters who are sobbing for extremely legitimate reasons.

1. This kid is in agony

2. All wet

3. A human tragedy

4. Can’t…reach…

5. I’ll just lay here

6. He REALLY likes sunscreen

7. Bad move

8. I think he’s old enough

9. Dog problems

10. Learning to share

11. Obviously not a good look

12. T-Rex

13. Poof! Gone!

14. Close, but no cigar

15. An unwelcome surprise

16. Not what he was expecting

17. That would’ve been interesting!

18. What a drag!

h/t: pleated-jeans