In life, we are confronted with many annoying problems. Problems like, “How do I get keys on a keyring without tearing up my fingernails?”  Or, “How do I keep my store-bought donuts warm?”

Most people just accept these annoyances as realities of life and move on, but a few brave souls have decided to tackle these problems head-on and forge their own creative path around them.

Incredible ingenuity at work, folks:

1. Use a staple remover to get keys on a keyring.

Photo Credit: Imgur

2. “My husband just told me that the coffee cardboard thingy is universally sized to help you carry 2 cups at once.”

Photo Credit: Twitter: @thenoobwife

3. Wax crayons make great candles in a pinch.

4. You can use toilet paper packaging as trash bags for large trash cans. Grocery bags also work great for smaller ones.

Photo Credit: Reddit: BalkiB

5. “How to fight hot weather: Choose your shirt pattern, insert ice pack gels, freeze overnight, ride the heatwave!”

Photo Credit: Imgur

6. Pour peroxide on old stains, then iron them to remove.

7. For when your toddler keeps trying to hop in the shower with you…

Photo Credit: Reddit: B_Geisler

8. Heat store-bought donuts at home.

Photo Credit: Twitter: CitizensSci

9. “I just found my new part-time office! I put my iPad inside a cooler so I could work in the pool!”

Photo Credit: Reddit: doodlebopsy

10. “Heat shrink tubing has kept this alive for 2 years.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: DRAWKWARD79

11. Place ice trays in the freezer and then fill them from a water bottle. This helps prevent spilling.

12. Tired of hotel curtains always staying open just a little bit?

Photo Credit: Reddit: Boedarc

13. “Took some leather cleaner and a drill scrubby to my beige leather couch and got awesome results.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: heytani

14. Instead of paying for a fancy banana hook, attach one to the bottom of your cabinets.

Photo Credit: Imgur

15. Trash bags can be used to transport clothes with ease when moving.

16. Finally, build yourself a chip holster out of tape and a plastic bag.

Photo Credit: Reddit: oldtywhit