Celebrities can’t be expected to always be “on.” They’d be weirdos if they weren’t occasionally rude or mean. (Except Tom Hanks. He’s a treasure.) Here are the stories of some redditors who met celebrities in the real world and it didn’t go well.

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1. ShowStoppa718 learned that the Band-Aid Nelly used to wear covered up the hole where his sense of humor fell out.

I was working in the 4 seasons in Atlanta when in comes this slim black dude wearing a feathered jacket, with his signature bandaid on his eye. (It was 2003). I immediately recognized him. “Oh shit, it’s Nelly” I said to myself as we locked eyes. I was buffing the marble floors as he and his entourage entered the hotel lobby. As he walked past me, he looks at me and kicked up his leg and yelled “WHOOPS!!” as if he slipped. His entourage followed up with the fakest payroll laugh, and I forever hate Nelly.

2. AnalAttackProbe witnessed Bob Dylan behaving exactly like you’d expect Bob Dylan to behave. But he can get away with it because he’s Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan is the biggest asshole I’ve ever worked with. My production company put on a show for him a few years back and he was an absolute nightmare. The show was at a basketball arena and he wouldn’t let anyone be on the same floor as him, no matter the circumstance. At one point he had his security detail kick 60 workers who’d put in 10-12 straight hours of manual labor out of the dining hall during their meal break so he could eat alone. ​

3. Durbee got to see diva Cybil Shepherd diva-ing out over bottled water. The true tragedy is that Shepherd had no idea how trite that is.

Cybill Shephard (sp?) was very difficult on-set. I was pretty young, but tagged along with my mother, who was offering setting advice during three scenes. Memorably, production was halted for a scene of her drinking coffee, because she insisted on Evian that could only be dyed brown with organic and non-caloric coloring that also tasted acceptable. Evian decaf wasn’t even enough. It was a very small town, and Evian wasn’t exactly convenience store fare at the time. The delays put everyone on edge.

4. User oh_sempai‘s mom didn’t mean to cut him off. Now Gotye’s just somebody that he makes fun of on Reddit.

Anyway, last year, my mother saw Gotye in the coffee shop she often visits so as any reporter in the music industry would do she approaches him to ask if he could do a quick interview. Before she says much he turns around and starts yelling “I’M SO SICK OF PEOPLE ASKING ME FOR SHIT, JUST LET ME FUCKING RELAX!!! FUCKING LEAVE ME ALONE!” Etcetera.

5. Scott Baio—Chachi! The Charles who is in charge! Other things?—was a child star, and according to meganjoella, he’s now paying that particular brand of misery forward.

Scott Baio. I was an extra on an episode of See Dad Run and he was being extremely rude to a young girl. The girl was Bailey Michelle Brown, a regular on the show, and she’s like 8 years old. She messed up on a line a couple times and missed her mark once or twice and he said to her, “Look, you need to pay attention! I wanna get outta here, and I can’t do that if you keep ruining the takes! This is your job and you can’t even do it correctly!” And that was when I lost all respect for him.

6. Whoa, whoa, whoa, monsterosity. You start by telling us Wesley Snipes was rude? You’re burying the lede.

Father of an ex girlfriend worked with Wesley Snipes on Blade. Incredibly stuck up and full of himself were his description. He also pissed on the heavy equipment rather than going to the bathroom.

7. This story from egonz_123 would probably be the worst thing a celebrity could be caught doing… if it was any other celebrity.

My ex’s Dad met Bill Cosby many years ago at a bar in Atlantic City and told him that he really liked his shoes. Bill Cosby responded very rudely “Get away from me you fuckin’ cracker.”

8. SnipeyMcSnipe met Randy Jackson, and it was a gas.

We stopped at a gas station just off of the freeway right outside of LA and I went in to get a drink. I saw Randy Jackson walking around. (The guy from American Idol) I saw him pacing back and forth in the corner by himself looking at the drinks. I just kind of lurked because I was too intimidated to talk to him or anything. I never met a celebrity before.

So I didn’t talk to him but after he grabbed a drink I headed over to the corner so I could grab one. Then it hit me. I walked into the rankest fart that possibly ever was. He dropped ass and didn’t have the courtesy to pick it up. I knew it was him too because he was the only one over there.

9. It seems like Dicktremain got off pretty easy.

I threw up on Hulk Hogan’s shoe and he yelled at me.

10. Tommy Lee Jones is such a tough guy that he let xtinmonty have it because he got in the way of him doing tough guy stuff—buying a latte.

I used to work at Starbucks in San Antonio and Tommy Lee Jones has a home there. He strolled into my store one day. He was a dick. He argued with us about a syrup charge and then complained about his drink. We offered to remake it, but he left grumbling and being an overall dick. I know he has that reputation, but I honestly didn’t really believe it until I interacted with him. One of the customers asked for his autograph and he told her to fuck herself.

11. User crdpoker thought Alan Rickman was rude, but honestly, wouldn’t you totally want Alan Rickman to be rude to you?

Buddy was getting an autograph from Alan Rickman. Rickman asked what his name was/who he should make it out to. Friend says “Joseph – also, can you sign it ‘Oh god, you’re one of them?'” Rickman realizes it’s from Die Hard. Stops signing, hands pen/paper back to him and walks off. Pretty awesome actually.

12. In this story from anotherredditvirgin, Chris Rock brings the pain (the pain and annoyance caused by being a no-good line-cutter).

I had waited an hour and a half in line for a ride at Great Adventure. Was in the front seat line so the wait was even longer. Finally, I was next in line–watched gleefully as my train pulled in. And Chris Rock and his family come walking up from the exit and are given my spot, without waiting at all. I was both sad and mad and have held a grudge against him ever since

12. Perhaps the most impressive stunt that daredevil Evel Knievel ever pulled off was punching msjtx when he was a child and not getting arrested.

When I was about 7, I was in the airport with my mom and her boyfriend and a friend of mine. My mother’s boyfriend told us that Evel was in one of the lounges. He was sitting in a back corner, drinking a glass of some kind of booze and engulfed in a cloud of cigarette smoke.

We both approached him excitedly and asked for his autograph. He was obviously drunk, but he picked up a couple of cocktail napkins and scratched out his signature on both of them. Then he looked at us and said, “before I give you these, I’m going to teach you something.” My friend at I looked at each other, totally starstruck and grinning like idiots.

Evel proceeded to tap both of us on the arm. “Does that hurt?” he asked. We both shook our heads and said no. Then he poked us lightly in the chest, “does that hurt?” Again we both said no in unison. Then he made fists out of both hands with the middle knuckle sticking out and brought them down sharply and simultaneously, protruding knuckle first, onto both of our heads. “Does that hurt?” he asked. Neither of us could really answer, I was holding back tears from the pain. He waited a few seconds and said: “that’s why you wear a safety helmet,” and handed us the napkins.

13. Kicking whoatethekidsthen out of an airport lounge is the worst thing Halle Berry has ever done, second only to that sci-fi show that was on TV a couple of summers ago.

I was at O’Hare waiting for my flight to Baltimore to start boarding and had about an hour to kill. So I figured I’d get a coffee, maybe a book or something to kill time.

Walk into a duty free shop and start browsing. I’m half paying attention until I hear a woman arguing with the cashier. I think “meh, what a cunt” until I hear, “I’m not coming in until you make him leave and I NEED TO GET IN NOW.”

I turn and Halle Berry and her entourage are staring daggers at me. The cashier looks terrified and conflicted. I kinda just stood there, still not understanding Storm is bitching about me.

So I pay and begin to walk out and she huffs, “Ugh, finally. No autographs,” and I responded “Your husband Will Smith is the best,” while putting my headphones on.

I hope it really pissed her off.

14. User ana8964 does not specify if this was in West Philadelphia (born and raised).

Will Smith was terrible. My friend lived next door to him for a couple years and they never returned the balls that would end up in their yard.

15. It’s gonna be a long, long time before scig6 forgives Elton John.

I was a manager of an FBO where private planes park. Anyway, Elton John’s jet came in one night and when he walked down the stairs to his limo I said hi to him. He looked at me and laughed in the most rude and condescending way as if to say “how dare you say hi to me!”. So, when we unloaded his plane he had several huge bags filled with jello and pudding and we helped ourselves to it because fuck him!

16. He’s “America’s Toughest Sheriff” and he will help you to your fries if he damn well pleases, hellyaman.

Not really a celebrity but well known. I was at a riverside restaurant in Arizona with my best friend and his family when Sheriff Joe Arpaio walks in. My friends dad starts talking to him next to our table and during the conversation he reaches down and steals a couple of my French frys and eats them mid conversation. Who does that?!

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