16 Hilarious Pregnancy Memes for Ladies to Enjoy

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The women out there who have had kids or are currently pregnant are really going to enjoy these memes.

We have no doubts about that!

So ladies, take a break from your regularly scheduled program and enjoy these memes! We think they’ll give you a chuckle.

1. What happened?

2. Make sure no one’s around.

3. Second kid…don’t care as much.

4. You better get ready.

5. Here comes the lightning.

6. Brain dead.

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7. He remembers!

8. Is that possible?

9. Be very careful.

10. I don’t need your advice.

11. All over headache.

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It just hurts all over.

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12. No you’re not!

13. An almost impossible task.

14. It’s happening!

15. Why is this happening?

16. The baby is obviously possessed.

We hope you enjoyed those memes, ladies!

Keep up the great work raising all those kiddos!

Do you have any good or funny pregnancy stories?

Share them with us in the comments!