16 Embarrassing Stories of When Parents Learned Their Kids Were Sexually Active


Good parents try mold their children, but even the best ones know that they can’t control everything.

And when it comes to a milestone like virginity, most parents have never felt more powerless over their children.

This can lead to a pretty wide range of reactions. Some of these 16 parents were cool about it, maybe even a little too cool… And of course, some were decidedly not cool.

But we’ll ease into the heavy stuff.

This first one’s light, but creepy:

1. Kosher

Reminds me when I was around 17 and had a girl over for the weekend. My father was really cool about us and having the opposite sex over so when he saw us exiting my bedroom my father while standing in the kitchen asked us if we were hungry.

We both agreed that we were and he offed to make some kosher hot dogs. She said something along the lines of “Oh, I have never had kosher before.” He ruffled my hair and replied, “Oh yes you have.” Many cringes were had.

2. Strapped

My mother found out I wasn’t a virgin anymore when she found the strap-on that I had accidentally left in the bathroom…

Background: I’m a girl who is dating a girl!

3. Positive

Wife worked as a nurse in an ob/gyn office for many months. You’d be frankly amazed at how often this scene plays out:

Young teenage daughter and mother go to the doc to see about some odd gynecological malady. Tests come back positive for STD. Mother looks in shock at daughter and learns her little baby isn’t a virgin anymore.

It’s so common as to be cliche’ed.

4. Condom Coke Cup

Child 1 – He had stashed his used condoms in a Mcdonald’s cup in his closet, still filled with coke. I found out by removing the lid to dump it out.

Child 2 – She asked permission.

Children 3-5, still waiting . . . 16-14 in age, prime time for this activity.

It is always hard to take, you little boy or girl growing up when your mental picture is the six-year-old version of them. I am mostly over it now.


My boys were very open about it. My oldest decided to wait until both he and his gf were 18. My younger son did not, but told me he and his gf had sex (at 17). They were both responsible enough to buy their own condoms, so I didn’t really have any issues with it.

6. Shame

My mum refused to acknowledge me for three days and was venomous about the topic forever after.

Now I’m humiliated about sex, periods and relationships and my mum wonders why I feel uncomfortable when she asks me when I’m going to have a baby.

Don’t be like my mum. Talk to your kids about it and acknowledge sex happens. And don’t pester for babies later on.

7. Arguing

My two daughters were arguing over whether it was more fun having a girlfriend or a boyfriend at the table in a restaurant. I wanted to move to a different table by myself. And order a few more drinks.

8. Nonchalant

My mom found out one day when she called the house looking for me. My brother, instead of knocking on my door, just barged into my room and found me in my girlfriend at the time. He went “hold on a second he’s having sex” and left the phone on the floor.

Thanks bro.

He was 3 years younger too, and most definitely a virgin. The nonchalant way he said it was frightening.

9. Proud but Wistful

She told me when we were looking into birth control options for her. I was a little wistful for her innocent childhood days, but she’s handling it really responsibly and she’s in love, so what can you do? She was 18 at the time, if that makes a difference.

It’s a little odd that she’ll tell me anything (I would NEVER have told my mom!!) but it makes me proud that I am the kind of mom you can tell anything to. ?

10. Steak n’ Roller Coasters

My son had sex with the most beautiful girl in his class. I got him a steak dinner and a trip to an amusement park.

11. Story Time

OK story time: Ex girlfriend was a veterinarian and one day a man brings in a Great Dane that has a nasty infection on and around his penile area. They culture it and ID it as syphilis. Dogs don’t get syphilis from each other. So my girlfriend asks the man if he has any kids, he says yes, a daughter, and that’s how he found out his 14 year old daughter was having sex with her infected boyfriend and the family pet.

Awkward day at the vet clinic.

12. Longer

Went camping for the weekend, leaving my son (17 at the time) at home alone.

When we returned, he waited until his mom was inside the house and said, “Dad. I had sex this weekend.” I took a deep breath and asked, “Did you use protection?” He answered yes, and we talked a bit about the circumstances. After all was talked about, he asked, “Dad. One more question. Will it last longer?” I tried to not laugh.

13. Damn Bedpost

I will tell you guys the story of when my parents found out I was no longer a virgin.

So as an 18 year old guy I had a girlfriend I met in high school. And we were together for quite some time. My parents are quite laid back and we speak freely to each other.

In Denmark, where I live, it is quite normal for teenage couples to sleep over at your partner’s house. So I did that with my then girlfriend a lot. We slept at each others’ places maybe 3-5 days a week. But one episode stands out, as to when my parents found out.

I had my girlfriend over and we were going to my bedroom in the basement. I had a squeaky bed. So the next morning at breakfast my dad just blurted out: “Damn son we gotta tighten your bedpost.” Embarrassing…. but funny in retrospect.

14. “It was not a good time.”

I told a doctor I was sexually active, and he called a therapist to tell my mom, who then attempted to press charges against my boyfriend. (!) It was not a good time.

15. “I’m not ready to be a grandma.”

On my 14th Birthday I’d had a girlfriend for close to four months. We were as serious as kids our age could be.

So I’m opening presents in front of the few friends I had over and I come to a medium sized box. I shake it. Can’t figure it out. So I tear it open and find an economy box of condoms. Everyone there, dad, sisters, girlfriend, friends, friends’ parents. Everyone was speechless.

My mom casually says: “I’m not ready to be a grandma. Happy birthday, son.” I guess she figured out what was going on when we were alone in my room.

16. “Studying”

Had my first “serious” girlfriend at 15. We would go to the backroom of the house to study. But you can guess how much actual studying got done…

In reality we’d be having a great time in the back room.

Anyway, it’s about dinner time and we head out to the kitchen to discuss ordering a pizza with my parents. My dad is discussing toppings and mentions onions. Girlfriend says, “Eww. I don’t like onions. They give you bad breath.” My father, not missing a beat, says, “Well that doesn’t bother me. But then I’m not the one screwing around in the back room.”

I started laughing but I thought my girlfriend was going to die of embarrassment.

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