As far as being a man in this society, I really don’t have many complaints about it…

But this post by Reddit user canadianreject565 was nonetheless interesting.

They ask:

Women of Reddit, what do you think would be the worst thing about being a man?
byu/canadianreject565 inAskReddit

There were over 37 thousand responses. Some of them from men who didn’t seem to read the first three words of the question, but many from women putting in their two cents.

The results were interesting.

1 . Finances.

The constant pressure in society that the man has to pay for meals, drinks, etc. I feel like it all would add up really quickly.

– WaffleDeWisdom

2. Emotional burdens.

As a woman, I think we feel more comfortable crying and expressing our sadness.

Men get sad too, and it’s about time they feel free to express it as easily as women do.

– [user deleted]

3. A lack of outlets.

Not having your emotions taken seriously, then lashing out because of it and then seen as violent because you just want to be understood.

I had that with abusive parents but normally people don’t treat me that way because I’m a woman.

I can’t imagine what an entire life of not having your feelings acknowledged in a healthy way feels like.

“Suck it up and be a man”

– Plantdas

4. Do we even lift, bro?

People expecting that I could fight.

– MultipleAutism

5. Childcare problems.

Not being able to take care of children without getting dirty looks.

– [user deleted]

6. Shoutout to this user for calling out the “man cold” thing.

I would not be allowed a moment of weakness.

Bad day? You can’t cry unless your mother just died.

Hurt yourself? Suck it up and go to the hospital.

Feeling self conscious about your body? Nobody cares.

Feeling ill? SoMOne HaS a MaN COld!!!!!

– LondonFogAddict91

7. Some instances may be rarer, but nonetheless unjust.

Being arrested for defending myself against an abusive partner.

– theflexorcist

8. Don’t do the creep.

Being called creepy if I don’t look the best or if I try to get a girl

– HappyLittleAccident4

9. A perspective on education.

I’d be afraid to be a male teacher.

How easy would it be to give a girl student a grade a failing grade they deserve or just pissing them off any kind of way, but it’s a crazy one who ends up accusing you of something awful?

– huggedup

10. Don’t add insult to injury.

Being abused in public by a women and having people laugh instead of intervening to help you.

– Mooncakequeen

11. Everyone should be allowed their freedom and dignity.

Having an even harsher reaction when I’d go against gender roles.

​I mean as a woman, there’s backlash sometimes, but there’s a whole movement very publicized that tells me that I can do whatever I want, and f*ck the nay-sayer.

​I don’t feel a man that would want to do something “for girls” or “for woman” as that much support.

– Marawal

12. Just take it.

Most women think there’s nothing wrong with being abusive and cruel with men. It’s so upsetting watching women treat men like absolute sh^t.

To top it off, men are expected to still act like “a gentleman” and also they’re not allowed to feel vulnerable, or to feel sad, angry because some lady was just “a little sassy” when in reality she was being abusive piece of sh^t

– NeuroticCrab

13. Under pressure.

Being expected to be the “breadwinner” generally by society

Being less likely to gain custody of my own kids in a separation

Being “disposable” in times of war

– AmyBums88

14. Fewer fish in the sea.

Overall, I think it’s more difficult for guys to get dates.

– bduk6

15. Watch yourself.

I talk a lot of sh^t for a 5’4″ girl.

I’d be getting my ass beaten on a daily basis.

– anokayapple

I’d be interested to see if anyone has yet posted the reverse of this, and collected the results.

What would your answer to this question be?

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