Let’s look back some of the good stuff that happened this year, shall we? A lot of great things happened to or with people’s furbabies – and, luckily, they were kind enough to put it all up on social media.

Here are 15 really nice and wholesome things that happened in 2019 that involved our furry animal friends.


1. He saved you.

2. Cuteness overload.

3. Best friends forever.

4. All together now.

5. Sharing is caring.

6. Fetch over the fence.

7. Hello!

8. That is touching.

9. Jumping for joy.

10. New friends!

11. I remember you.

12. We know that cat!

13. This man is a saint.

14. One at a time.

15. Go, Clyde!

Those sure made the end of my year a lot better!