I can’t get enough of good doggos!

Having a tough day? Go pet a dog!

Short on cash? Look at some pics of dogs!

Girlfriend kicked you out, slashed your tires, and drained your bank account? Call a lawyer! And then go to the dog park and play with some dogs.

You get the point. Enjoy these good boys and girls!

1. Adorable.

2. Good job Toshi!

3. Language lessons.

4. I got plenty of time.

5. Just a little off the top.

6. I think you scared them.

7. Really feeling it.

8. She’ll get the hang of it.

9. All tuckered out.

10. I’m waiting…

11. Can we try this again?

12. That looks like fun.

13. Follow the leader.

14. What did I do?

15. Best friends makin’ some noise.

Good dogs! All of ’em!

Share a pic of your pooch in the comments and tell us a little bit about them!