Every holiday has its traditions, and Valentine’s Day is no different. For lots of people, V-Day is unimaginable without a box of chocolates, a candlelit dinner, and of course, a bouquet of flowers.

All those traditions are great, but nothing is for everyone. But what if a particular tradition just isn’t your cup of tea? Or what if you like a tradition, but you’re just sick of doing it year after year after year? Buying flowers on Valentine’s Day might feel pretty trite after a few decades.

If that sounds like you, luckily you have options. These days, all sorts of things besides flowers are sold in bouquet form. Here are 15 bouquet alternatives that will definitely shake February 14th.


1. Pickles

Photo Credit: Grillo’s Pickles

2. Beef Jerky

Photo Credit: The Manly Man Company

3. Olive Garden Breadsticks

Photo Credit: Bustle

4. Bacon

Photo Credit: Bacon Addicts

5. Booze

Photo Credit: Domestic Genius

6. Dinosaurs

Photo Credit: Think Geek

7. Comic Books

Photo Credit: Etsy

8. Bassoon Reeds

Photo Credit: Pinterest

9. Maps

Photo Credit: Etsy

10. Unicorns

Photo Credit: Think Geek

11. Salami

Photo Credit: Izsmile

12. Donuts

Photo Credit: Harry & David

13. Ham & Cheese

Photo Credit: Pinterest

14. Broccoli

Photo Credit: Japan Today

15. Sausage

Photo Credit: Izsmile



h/t: Mashable