For lots of people, marriage is a pretty good deal. By tying the knot, you’re signing up for a lifetime of love, companionship, and intimacy. But no matter how romantic you and your partner are, your marriage will feature many, many more moments that aren’t so romantic.

Because when you get a spouse, you’re also getting a firsthand witness to all the unflattering aspects of your personality. Like your moments of utter stupidity. Or your totally illogical neuroses. Or just how you’re an utter slob.

And you know what? That stuff can only strengthen a marriage. Because even though your partner has all the dirt on you, they still love you in spite of it. Now that’s romance!

Here are 15 Tweets about that aren’t afraid to get real about married life. Enjoy!

1. A spouse is a partner and a competitor.

Photo Credit: @Lhlodder

2. The bar for “cool” gets a lot lower.

Photo Credit: @amydillon

3. Only your partner knows how dumb you really are.

Photo Credit: @iwearaonesie

4. Sometimes, all you need is a little provocation.

Photo Credit: @better_off_dad

5. Marriage can be a lot like a spy movie.

Photo Credit: @simoncholland

6. You’ll develop your own version of telepathy.

Photo Credit: @Mr_Kapowski

7. The secret to a happy marriage isn’t communication. It’s hating the same people.

Photo Credit: @wmorgan3000

8. How far will you go to prove a point? This far?

Photo Credit: @TeachPrayLovee

9. It’s important to have your own lives, and NEVER let them overlap.

Photo Credit: @3sunzzz

10. A good partner always looks out for you.

Photo Credit: @simoncholland

11. Happiness is being married to your best friend/worst enemy.

Photo Credit: @EvenTheDogsABoy

12. Christmas, for married people.

Photo Credit: @Parkerlawyer

13. Watch out for emotional whiplash.

Photo Credit: @Six_Pack_Mom

14. Couples finish each other’s sentences. Married people finish each other’s arguments.

Photo Credit: @scorpicpanda

15. The pickle compatibility test.

Photo Credit: @sidleykate


h/t: The Chive