The Internet is full of articles about why your 30’s are the best decade of your life. And the gist of these articles is that your 30’s are life’s sweet spot: you’re old enough to know yourself and what you need, but still young enough to enjoy basically all the same activities you did in your 20’s.

But even if your 30’s really are the best decade of your life, that’s still only relative to all the other decades. It doesn’t mean your 30’s are actually good. In fact, there are plenty of things about your 30’s that just plain suck. It’s probably the first time you notice your body’s inevitable decay. You’ve been working at your chosen profession long enough to feel truly and irrevocably trapped in it. And no matter what you do, the older you get, the less cool you become. It’s just science.

Fortunately, we’ve got a selection of Tweets (via Bored Panda) that will alleviate your 30’s blues. Best of all, we’ve put the rest of the words in this article in a nice big font, so you won’t have trouble reading them, you geezers.

1. This will happen to you.

Photo Credit: @TheCatWhisprer

Seriously though, only a psychopath buys an orange car.

2. Every day is Christmas!

Photo Credit: @Cpin42

3. Say goodbye to those dreams of being a pro athlete.

Photo Credit: @XplodingUnicorn

4. Yes, it’s all a lie. Play along.

Photo Credit: @Awethu_F

5. Take a walk on the wild side…to Safeway.

Photo Credit: @Reverie_Reality

6. You can finally live your truth.

Photo Credit: @aaronup

7. And sometimes your truth is “I give up.”

Photo Credit: @lisaxy424

8. What “wisdom” really means.

Photo Credit: @XplodingUnicorn

9. Spice Girls songs start reminding you of your own mortality.

Photo Credit: @ValeeGrrl

10. Bow chicka wow wow.

Photo Credit: @AJslackie2

11. Mine’s fuchsia, and it’s made from silicon so it won’t scratch the cookware.

Photo Credit: @Ivsy01

12. Don’t answer. Nothing good will come of it.

Photo Credit: @themrsik

13. Snuffing out the life of the party.

Photo Credit: @ZappullaJ

14. You need to stretch before sleeping.

Photo Credit: @batkaren

15. How did I get here?

Photo Credit: @ericsshadow



h/t: Bored Panda