Here’s some real talk: we should all probably go to therapy at some point or another in our lives. It’s really helpful to talk to a totally unbiased person whom you don’t know at all to let it out and get some good advice.

If you’ve ever been to therapy or had some kind of counseling, these tweets will look familiar, and they’ll make you chuckle.

If you haven’t…maybe consider going.

1. Let’s switch gears…

2. I know, right?

3. Maybe not…

4. That should help.

5. All comes back to that.

6. You’ll be discussed in the next session.

7. That’s a good way to handle it.

8. The walls come tumbling down.

9. You’re not listening!

10. Not there yet.

11. Oh, I’ve been great!

12. Can’t do that right either.

13. Grief shopping.

14. This is getting to be too much.

15. At least twice a week.

Those are pretty on the money, right?

Do you have some funny jokes (or stories) about going to therapy? Let’s see ’em in the comments!