If you have a sibling, you know that it’s a unique relationship. So it’s inevitable that you’ll go through Life Stuff together, (births, family reunions,  funerals, etc.) Those experiences bond people together, so hopefully you and your sibling will always have each other’s back. If you’re really lucky, you and your sibling might even be genuine friends.

On the other hand, practically every sibling relationship has conflict. For lots of folks, your sibling is your first real enemy. They’re the closest competitor for parental affection. They know all your dirty secrets, and how to drive you nuts. There’s a reason the phrase “sibling rivalry” exists–it applies to pretty much everyone.

Most sibling relationships are a mixture of both friendship and animosity. Below, check out 15 tweets that capture the sibling relationship’s uniqueness.

Hopefully they’ll cheer you up, because your sibling just told me they were definitely your mom and dad’s favorite, and not you.


1. It’s not fighting, it’s “friendly shouting.”

Photo Credit: @kornstadavery

2. From the front lines of the Shared Bathroom Wars.

Photo Credit: @saauullll

3. More plot twists than a CW show.

Photo Credit: @BobbyMerrygold

4. At least 50% of sibling fights are about this.

Photo Credit: @melaninist

5. And here’s the other 50%.

Photo Credit: @simoncholland

6. You’ll compete over scarce resources.

Photo Credit: @SilindileM_

7. The greatest injustice that ever has been or will be committed.

Photo Credit: ThreadsByjanell

8. Siblings would probably pull this even if they were stuck on a desert island together.

Photo Credit: @delaynemassey

9. Every sibling knows: you never miss a chance to diss.

Photo Credit: @frihoele

10. Your sibling is often your first informant.

Photo Credit: @selfcaretk

11. Oldest siblings don’t get enough credit.

Photo Credit: @__candypants

12. What’s the most precious commodity in the household? The remote, obviously.

Photo Credit: @selfcaretk

13. Your snacks are under constant threat.

Photo Credit: @__sierraniicole

14. They will steal everything–even your idea to steal from them!

Photo Credit: @whos_mia

15. Best friends, worst enemies…often in the same moment.

Photo Credit: @SuShreedeep


h/t: Buzzfeed