Getting pregnant is definitely one of life’s great joys, but it’s also one of life’s most toughest challenges. All the ways pregnancy is difficult and absurd have been pretty well documented by now, but let’s do a quick rundown. There’s the morning sickness. The weird cravings. The hormones. The bodily changes. Buying a whole new wardrobe. Navigating a sea of dubious parenting advice. Rude comments from strangers. Rude comments from family members. And so on. And the worst part is, it never gets easier, whether it’s your first time being pregnant or your tenth.

And what’s the best way to deal with a difficult situation like pregnancy? Humor, of course! You won’t be surprised that getting pregnant has inspired some of the best jokesters on Twitter. Below are 15 Tweets that nail what it’s like to be knocked up. (via Bored Panda)


1. Just one more thing…

Photo Credit: @H_M_Geller

2. Little things can feel like huge accomplishments.

Photo Credit: @jenna__erickson

3. Emotions run high.

Photo Credit: @DubsKenzie

4. Fashion becomes less and less of a priority.

Photo Credit: @DueDateDiaries

5. Luckily, family always has your back.

Photo Credit: @MacAnnabella

6. Sometimes it feels like you’re giving birth to an MMA fighter.

Photo Credit: @iheartjasminem

7. Other times, it’s Cthulhu.

Photo Credit: @nixheartsyou

8. This should be an actual law.

Photo Credit: @_Mo_lee_

9. You gotta give up your favorite activities. Like…touching your toes.

Photo Credit: @mamerwin

10. Every day is a party! Or it’s like a party.

Photo Credit: @babyrabies

11. And then there’s delightful part of the experience.

Photo Credit: @stephani3MS

12. A more accurate pregnancy test commercial.

Photo Credit: @ToonieLane

13. Hell hath no fury like a (pregnant) woman scorned.

Photo Credit: @FullMetalMommy

14. Find a doctor you trust.

Photo Credit: @FullMetalMommy

15. Multitasking!

Photo Credit: @britneyandbaby



h/t: Bored Panda