Every parent is familiar with the mealtime struggle. You’ve lovingly prepared a nutritious meal, (or, depending on your day, lovingly thawed), but your child refuses to eat it. There are many reasons why this might happen. One, children are more sensitive to flavors than adults are. Then there’s the fact that kids are hardwired to be wary of new foods, especially from ages 2 to 6. Finally, some kids are just stubborn–especially when their parents have been pushing food a bit too much.

Whatever the reason, the mealtime struggle is definitely frustrating, for kids and parents alike. But luckily, you’re not alone! Lots of parents have endured the picky eating phase, and some of them have even written jokes about it. Here are 15 Tweets from parents (via Bored Panda) about kids who just wouldn’t eat.


1. The grass is always greener on the other plate.

Photo Credit: @yenniwhite

2. There’s no rhyme or reason.

Photo Credit: @MyMomologue

3. Like a shark sensing a drop of blood in the water.

Photo Credit: @vbelknap

4. George Washington never told a lie. But he also never had kids, so.

Photo Credit: @LurkAtHomeMom

5. Alternately, maybe your kid’s not a picky eater. Maybe you’re a terrible cook.

Photo Credit: @JessLint

6. Animal crackers are for closers.

Photo Credit: @MamaFizzles

7. Want a dinner hack? Try procrastination.

Photo Credit: @sarcasticmommy4

8. Well, I’m not eating meatballs again.

Photo Credit: @Playing_Dad

9. Triangles or squares? Better get it right!

Photo Credit: @LurkAtHomeMom

10. And kids aren’t just picky at home. They’re picky at school, too!

Photo Credit: @Brianhopecomedy

11. A toddler’s palate is refined…when it wants to be.

Photo Credit: @HowToBeADad

12. There is no right answer.

Photo Credit: @putyoursisterd1

13. A new type of fusion cuisine.

Photo Credit: @thedad

14. Know when you’re beaten.

Photo Credit: @DaddyJew

15. But above all, it helps to have a sense of humor.

Photo Credit: @mommy_cusses



h/t: Bored Panda