15 Tweets About Farting You’ll Definitely Relate To

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Let’s talk about farting. Of all the bodily functions, humans probably have the most complicated relationship with flatulence. For lots of us, farts are simply disgusting. Other others, farts are embarrassing. For still others they’re hilarious. For a rare few, farts are all three and also a turn-on.

And this is just scratching the surface. How we feel about farts often depends on who’s doing the farting, where the farting is happening, what you’re doing while farting, and how a particular fart sounds, smells, and feels. Can you name a bodily function that can elicit so many emotions? Didn’t think so!

Today we’ve got 15 Tweets about farts and fart etiquette for anyone who’s ever let one rip–so, everyone.


1. Time to update the resume.

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2. Can’t get enough fiber? Try yoga.

Photo Credit: @ReneeHooray

3. Usually your own farts don’t bother you…unless you’re in the shower.

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4. Forget fad diets. Get fit by farting.

Photo Credit: @saucysarz

5. Man’s best friend AND scapegoat.

Photo Credit: @BizNasty2point0

6. Technology has only made farting more complicated.

Photo Credit: @BISHOPZACH7

7. Steve Jobs was a true genius.

Photo Credit: @lomehli

8. Dance like no one’s watching. Fart like no one’s smelling.

Photo Credit: @REALAndyGibson

9. Airplanes are basically just airborne fart tubes.

Photo Credit: @LoveMyScionFRS

10. A superhero for our modern times.

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11. Situps are the devil.

Photo Credit: @_Crystalizzzedd

12. When it comes to farting, know thyself.

Photo Credit: @navoxo

13. Deep thoughts about Dutch ovens.

Photo Credit: @MarthaBNeil

14. If you live in a cold climate, here’s one more thing to worry about.

Photo Credit: @BenHardiman_

15. The one true relationship test.

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h/t: Buzzfeed