15 Times Target Really Blew It

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I know, I know, I love Target, you love Target, we all love Target. But that doesn’t mean they don’t blow it every once in a while.

Let’s all say it together: Target makes mistakes, too.

1. What a deal!

2. Big mistake

3. Hurry up, Ho

4. You’ll look amazing!

5. C’mon, get Hap

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Target fail. New out of the package… I'll buy a p for 100 Pat

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6. Took a little off the top

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#IsThisRealLife? #TargetFail #dawndishsoapwasted

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7. Hmmmm

8. Nope

9. Oh yeah!

10. Every home needs one

11. Meat, huh?

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I'm sorry what!? #targetfail @target

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12. Nailed it

13. Not chicken

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What's wrong with this picture lol

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14. Welcome to HELL

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Why hell… #targetfail #target #whoops

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15. You lost me…

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Despite the mistakes, you know you can’t stay away…