I hate drama. Truly. Unless it’s hilarious and entertaining. Then it’s okay, naturally.

These “Also Me” memes will make your day, or you get your time back – guaranteed!

1. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

Photo Source: me.me

2. Every. Single. Day.

Photo Source: Buzzfeed

3. I can believe what I want ya’ll

4. So funny

Photo Source: me.me

5. Why can’t you come to meeeeeee?!?!

Photo Source: Twitter, @GirlPosts

6. Sit down and relax. This is going to take a while.

7. Naps are life

Photo Source: Twitter, @dariatbh

8. Behaving is for sheep

Photo Source: Instagram, @i.am.link

9. I’m hungry! Leave me alone!

10. The constant tug

11. How else will I remember it?!

Photo Source: Twitter, @fyfmendes

12. I need things!

Photo Source: Twitter, tbhjuststop

13. Then you’re lurking wrong son

Photo Source: Onsizzle.com

14. Do you like to party? Because I like to party.

15. Brb. Gotta get more batteries.

Photo Source: me.me

h/t: Buzzfeed