Ladies, ladies, ladies. You need to listen up and take note of what’s going on in these photos. Because these women are EXPERT LEVEL pranksters.

And the best part: all the pranks were directed at their partners.

Which is the way it should be. Don’t you agree?

1. Dirty pics

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2. Honk!

3. OMG

4. Brutal

5. This is great


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What happens when my husband is being an ass… #eyelashes #onhistruck #wifeprank #cantwaittillhewakesup #jokesonhim #haha

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6. From beyond

7. “My wife is excited for my vasectomy tomorrow…”

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8. “For my best friend’s birthday, his girlfriend and I decided to throw him a surprise party complete with a pregnancy prank. His face was priceless when we brought the cake out.”

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9. “Girlfriend asked for a bite of my ice cream. Pretty sure this is breakup material right here.”

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10. “My wife called to say she picked up 50 shades of grey… This was not what I was expecting when I got home.”

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11. Classic!

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12. It really is beautiful

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13. Way too far

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14. Hahaha

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15. This is uncomfortable

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Now get out there and prank away!