15 Times Elf On A Shelf Got Weird

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If you’re a parent and you celebrate Christmas, you may have experienced this moment. Your head hits the pillow after a long day of holiday preparations. That’s when you remember you forgot Elf on a Shelf. Now you have to get up and go hide the thing somewhere in the house. It’s the twentieth night in a row. Just this once you want to make the Elf do something inappropriate, to break up the routine. You put it in the refrigerator instead.

Here are 15 people who gave into temptation and let Elf on the Shelf get weird.


1. The Shining

2. Bender

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3. Shotgun!

4. Busted

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5. Nailed it.

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6. Time to die!

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7. Lives were lost

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8. Bathroom Break

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9. Evil

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10. The Reindeer Hunter

11. D*ck in a box

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12. Buzzed

13. Hail Satan

14. Blow

15. Time to die, Woody.

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h/t: Buzzfeed