Attention, young folks. Just because there wasn’t social media in the 1990s doesn’t mean that things didn’t go “viral” in their own way.

Word got around about certain things, let me tell ya.

If you were around, you’ll remember these things. If you’re a youngster, let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

1.  Oh yeah!

Did everyone’s grandmother have these coasters? from nostalgia

2. Brings back some memories.

These fruit and veggies magnets that every grandma had from nostalgia

3. That legendary S.

The S. One kid in school introduced it. Where did it come from? from nostalgia

4. It was all the rage.

Everyone wanted this background on school picture day. from nostalgia

5. Load up at the arcade.

These specific bouncy balls that everyone had a million of. I can still feel them. from nostalgia

6. Classic!

When mom made Kool-Aid in this pitcher and you drank it from the matching cups from nostalgia

7. Until you got real skills.

Doing this in Microsoft Paint from nostalgia

8. Every doctor’s office…

Seemed like every waiting room had one… from nostalgia

9. My parents definitely had one of these.

These little ceramic Christmas trees used to be in everyone’s house during the holidays! from nostalgia

10. Goodnight.

Everyone had these glow in the dark stars on their ceiling. from nostalgia

11. Get out your Hot Wheels.

Every kid had this in their room but I rarely remember anyone actually playing with it. from nostalgia

12. That flimsy sword.

Who else had this toy sword? from nostalgia

13. Hours and hours in the yard.

This Velcro Toss and Catch Game from nostalgia

14. I am master of the castle!

This Castle ? from nostalgia

15. Why won’t it work?!?!

Blowing on Nintendo cartridges until you’re blue. from nostalgia

That brought back some great memories!

What are some other “viral” memories you have of the 1990s? Share them in the comments!