Getting older comes with a whole slew of annoyances. Aches and pains! Wrinkles and gray hairs! Not being able to stay up all night doing molly at a rave inside an abandoned airplane hangar!

But while you change over time, the world around you is changing, too. The things that kids today enjoy are completely different than what you loved. By the same token, the stuff you loved as a youngster would look to today’s youth like the artifacts of an ancient civilization. (Which they kind of are!)

When you realize that your childhood favorites have now become obsolete, it can really mess with your head. But you’re in luck! Because plenty of your fellow geezers feel the same way. So let’s all forget about the unstoppable progress of time by reminiscing about our favorite childhood junk!


1. Virtual pets

Photo Credit: @wahday44

2. Floppy disks

Photo Credit: @bill_gross

3. Myspace

Photo Credit: @vinnycrack

4. AIM crushes

Photo Credit: @bostonjerry

5. The outside fridge

Photo Credit: @jackiemcgrath18

6. OG Nickelodeon shows

Photo Credit: @okmute

7. Video game setups

Photo Credit: @cerromerussell

8. The overhead projector

Photo Credit: @__iLIVElife

9. Actually having to watch TV commercials

Photo Credit: @FlossAus

10. The year 2006. All of it.

Photo Credit: @aphroditelatif

11. Blue’s Clues

Photo Credit: @simbas_mane

12. Microsoft Word

Photo Credit: @lonibryantt

13. MP3s

Photo Credit: @plantblogger

14. Soulja Boy

Photo Credit: @pablopiqasso

15. AV cables

Photo Credit: @shuayyb





h/t: Buzzfeed