15 Random, Funny Tweets That’ll Help You Forget About the Stress in Your Life



I’m stressed. You’re stressed. We’re all stressed out.

Let’s cut through the noise: there are a lot of bad things going on in the world, so it’s important to forget about work, family, and world events once in a while and just LAUGH.

Here are 15 tweets that should de-stress you – at least for a bit.

1. That didn’t work out.


3. That’s devastating.

4. I got it. This time.

5. Well…this is awkward.

6. Time to hit the road.

7. I don’t know why this is so entertaining.

8. Been there many times.

9. Time to end this story ASAP.

10. It’s not called YES-vember.

11. Good one!

12. In for a long day.

13. It’s very dangerous.

14. I’m not super, okay?

15. That is very difficult.

That sure did the trick for me!

Do you feel better?