A playground is supposed to be a happy, safe place where kids can play free from worry. It’s not very complicated! You and I could probably get together at your local Chili’s and think up a serviceable playground over a couple Zima’s. But do some playground designers get it wrong? You bet they do!

It turns out a sizable percentage of playground designers are perverts, sadists, or both. Let’s take a look at the fruits of their labors!

I would recommend getting a tetanus shot before you read this article.

1. No More Coddling

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You gotta toughen them up sooner or later.

2. The Anatomy Lesson

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“Hey, kiddo, rememeber the other day when you asked me where your baby sister came from? Just look at this slide. I’ll be in the car.”

3. Grate Job

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Freshly grated toddler, anyone?

4. Riding The Dragon

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PLAYGROUND DESIGNER #1: What should the slide look like?

PLAYGROUND DESIGNER #2: How about a dragon that just tried mushrooms for the first time?

PLAYGROUND DESIGNER #1: Um, do we share a brain? Because I was JUST THINKING THAT!

5. Poop Chute

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Coming to Animal Planet this fall…Elephant Proctologist. 

6. It’s A Mixed-Use Property

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It’s like those combination Taco Bell/Baskin Robbins places, but with more ghosts.

7. Whiz Kids

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Don’t cross the streams!

8. Damn Teenagers

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How do I know teenagers did this? I used to be one.

9. Big Red

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You should definitely have a doctor look at that, friend.

10. Have A Seat

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It’s nice that parents can have fun at playgrounds, too.

11. What Could Go Wrong?

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“You mean I haven’t been nominated for an award for excellence in city planning? Again?”

12. The Clown’s Mouth

Pretty sure I saw a horror movie about this.

13. Walter White Giving A Checkup To A Bear

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That’s what that is, right? That has to be what that is.

14. Human Centipede? Human FUN-tipede!

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Don’t Google it. Just don’t.

You Googled it, didn’t you?

I warned you.

15. And finally, just…no.

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Are cops allowed to arrest an inanimate object? They should be.


h/t: Ranker