Lots of us like to own nice things that spruce up our homes and our lives. Throw pillows. Artwork. Fancy drink coasters. Decorative birds’ nests. Whatever floats your boat, man.

But have you ever felt like the typical fare at a typical gift store was just a little too…boring? You have a rebellious streak, and a tea kettle with a robin on it doesn’t exactly reflect that.

Well now you’re in luck! Because it turns out companies have making your aunt’s favorite little knickknacks way more punk rock by adding swear words to them. If your tastes run a bit askew, you’ll want to check them out. You’ll love them. No bullsh*t.

1. Everything is classy in French. Even swear words.

Photo Credit: decartonetdetoiles

Those would be “fuck,” “shit,” and “whore,” in case you haven’t been using your Rosetta Stone.

2. Have trouble finishing embroidery projects? This is for you.

Photo Credit: interestincolors

3. Swear like a spy with this Morse code necklace.

Photo Credit: Erin Elizabeth Carson

4. A pouch that lets you do exactly what it says.

Photo Credit: Amazon

5. A pencil set you can’t take to school.

Photo Credit: Amazon

6. A pillow that has no time for negativity or politeness.

Photo Credit: Amazon

7. A ring that should really only be worn on the middle finger.

Photo Credit: PASSIONandLOVE

8. Socks that aren’t afraid to work blue.

Photo Credit: Amazon

They really work! Just read this customer review: “I wore these for the first time when I was traveling. I knew I would have to take my shoes off at security, but I honestly didn’t think that the TSA would look that closely at my feet. Well, they do. I was standing in the body scanner and the agent directed me to step forward slightly, then exclaimed, (while I had my hands up and the scanner was going) ‘Do your socks say asshole?!’ I blushed so hard, but smiled and nodded. He waved me out and had me stop on the mat in order to call over another agent. He pointed at my feet and said, ‘Look at her socks!’ which made everyone around me look down at my feet. Two people asked me where they could find them. It was pretty awesome actually and gave everyone a laugh.”

9. Like a good rebus? F*ck yes you do.

Photo Credit: Amazon

10. A shirt with a positive message for the world.

Photo Credit: Nasty Gal

11. An adult coloring book, with the emphasis on “adult.”

Photo Credit: Amazon

12. Sick of nagging your guests to use coasters? Get these babies.

Photo Credit: Amazon

13. A print for when you need a little extra motivation.

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

14. Refrigerator magnets that aren’t f*cking around.

Photo Credit: Amazon

15. The F-bomb bath bomb.

Photo Credit: Amazon

h/t: Buzzfeed