Wow…there sure are a whole lot of people out there who are…let’s say less than brilliant.

People who are so less than brilliant that I think you’re going to facepalm OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

Try not to hit yourself too hard…

1. Giving Americans a bad name!

2. Way to go!

You got catfished
byu/Aquagenie infacepalm

3. We need a noise for that.

Bee warning!
byu/ZombieGombie infacepalm

4. Oh, that’s why.

5. It was harmless, right?

Thanks, Dana.
byu/arloading infacepalm

6. Meet me at Louie’s.

Where are you again?
by infacepalm

7. You nailed it!

Engineer 1: What’s the date today? Oh idk
byu/Explesis infacepalm

8. Might want to check the spelling.

There is no “i”
byu/AmroTheLegend infacepalm

9. Slow down and think about it…

I wish this was fake. Meet Jenn
byu/Patopodo infacepalm

10. It’s been 30 long years.

11. Imagine that…

How are you this ignorant?
byu/CaptainBoB555 infacepalm

12. Why the handcuffs?

Poor mother has to imagine her daughter now
byu/GallowBoob infacepalm

13. Oh, that’s right…

by infacepalm

14. Never ever. Don’t even think about it.

Never? NEVER???
byu/lloyd_braun_no_1_dad infacepalm

15. An official selfie ID card.

Fake ID Fail
byu/Mrkjm1550 infacepalm

I just hit my face with my palm so many times that I’m going to have a major headache tomorrow.

But I couldn’t help it, these people were just wayyyyy too ridiculous.