Wow…there sure are a whole lot of people out there who are…let’s say less than brilliant.

People who are so less than brilliant that I think you’re going to facepalm OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

Try not to hit yourself too hard…

1. Giving Americans a bad name!

2. Way to go!

You got catfished from facepalm

3. We need a noise for that.

Bee warning! from facepalm

4. Oh, that’s why.

5. It was harmless, right?

Thanks, Dana. from facepalm

6. Meet me at Louie’s.

Where are you again? from facepalm

7. You nailed it!

Engineer 1: What’s the date today? Oh idk from facepalm

8. Might want to check the spelling.

There is no “i” from facepalm

9. Slow down and think about it…

I wish this was fake. Meet Jenn from facepalm

10. It’s been 30 long years.

11. Imagine that…

How are you this ignorant? from facepalm

12. Why the handcuffs?

Poor mother has to imagine her daughter now from facepalm

13. Oh, that’s right…

Yeah… from facepalm

14. Never ever. Don’t even think about it.

Never? NEVER??? from facepalm

15. An official selfie ID card.

Fake ID Fail from facepalm

I just hit my face with my palm so many times that I’m going to have a major headache tomorrow.

But I couldn’t help it, these people were just wayyyyy too ridiculous.