These photos will all have one major effect on you: they’ll soothe that worried soul of yours.

We all need a little relaxation once in a while, and here’s your daily recipe.

Enjoy and take a little break.

1. Lines have never looked so perfect.

This shadow lines up perfectly with the sidewalk.
byu/flying_jaffas inmildlyinteresting

2. Doesn’t even look real.

The perfect scoop of ice cream
byu/Elyuri inoddlysatisfying

3. Is that a painting?

This flower I saw on my walk.
byu/bikbuk inoddlysatisfying

4. The perfect pancake.

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5. Nothing more satisfying.

What do you say about this
byu/OlgierdTheOldest inPerfectfit

6. A true work of art.

This scoop of peanut butter.
byu/moudine inoddlysatisfying

7. You’re killing it!

I’ve been practicing my numbers lately
byu/Annaleise182 inPenmanshipPorn

8. Too perfect to eat.

This Soft-Served Ice Cream Cone
byu/Sippingin inoddlysatisfying

9. The color spectrum.

A oddly satisfying food dump

10. That is beautiful.

[deleted by user]
by inoddlysatisfying

11. Wow. Get a load of that.

Mom’s chickens’ eggs

12. An accurate pour, I’d say.

My ‘guesstimated’ morning smoovie.
byu/HarveyHaddock inPerfectfit

13. Powerwashing is very satisfying.

I did a thing.
byu/GregTheHandyman inpowerwashingporn

14. Root beer bubbles.

The bubbles in my root beer were perfectly aligned
byu/TheRealAriss inmildlyinteresting

15. Don’t touch it. Might ruin it.

I can’t stop looking at it
byu/LadySovereign inoddlysatisfying

I think I just found my Moment of Zen…for now.

More of this, please!