These photos will all have one major effect on you: they’ll soothe that worried soul of yours.

We all need a little relaxation once in a while, and here’s your daily recipe.

Enjoy and take a little break.

1. Lines have never looked so perfect.

This shadow lines up perfectly with the sidewalk. from mildlyinteresting

2. Doesn’t even look real.

The perfect scoop of ice cream from oddlysatisfying

3. Is that a painting?

This flower I saw on my walk. from oddlysatisfying

4. The perfect pancake.

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5. Nothing more satisfying.

What do you say about this from Perfectfit

6. A true work of art.

This scoop of peanut butter. from oddlysatisfying

7. You’re killing it!

I’ve been practicing my numbers lately from PenmanshipPorn

8. Too perfect to eat.

This Soft-Served Ice Cream Cone from oddlysatisfying

9. The color spectrum.

A oddly satisfying food dump

10. That is beautiful.

My neighbors tree has the perfect fall gradient from oddlysatisfying

11. Wow. Get a load of that.

Mom’s chickens’ eggs

12. An accurate pour, I’d say.

My ‘guesstimated’ morning smoovie. from Perfectfit

13. Powerwashing is very satisfying.

I did a thing. from powerwashingporn

14. Root beer bubbles.

The bubbles in my root beer were perfectly aligned from mildlyinteresting

15. Don’t touch it. Might ruin it.

I can’t stop looking at it from oddlysatisfying

I think I just found my Moment of Zen…for now.

More of this, please!