I can’t believe I even have to cover this, but here we are. Loading a dishwasher is one of the easiest things you can do. When you Google “How to load a dishwasher,” what should happen is that Google simply laughs at you. Luckily, Google is nice enough to give you thousands of examples of properly loaded dishwashers, many with illustrations!

It’s ridiculously easy. The plates go on the bottom, on their sides between the plastic dividers. The cutlery goes in the baskets, handle-down–except for the knives, which go blade-down. Cups and bowls go on the top rack, upside down and on an angle so that they can receive the soapy water. This is what it all should look like:

Photo Credit: Samsung

Again, it’s really, really simple. And yet, lots of folks still mess it up. Go on any social media site and check out the hashtag #dishwasherfail, and you’ll see hundreds of examples. If you know someone whose dishwasher game is weak, send them this article. Or, print it out and show it to them, because they probably can’t operate a smartphone, either.


1. Just total anarchy.

2. If you hate having clean dishes, by all means stack them.

3. This technique will be perfect…once Maytag introduces an “Unlimited Space” model.

4. Unless there was an earthquake, this is unacceptable.


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How my family stack the dishwasher ? #dishwasherfail #cantstack #restack

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5. Hope you like protein shakes with extra protein.

6. I hope this person was drunk.

7. Some people think a dishwasher works just like international waters: anything goes.

8. Turns out those “dishwasher instructions” aren’t just a suggestion.

9. Solid technique, if you enjoy constantly cutting your hands.

10. Why make it easy on the water? Why not give the water a challenge?


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When you leave your fiancé home by himself for a week… #dishwasherproblems #ilovehimanyway ❤️

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11. How is that even possible?!

12. Who needs a washing machine when you already have a dishwasher? (Answer: you do, because they are not the same thing.)


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…when you find a baseball cap in your dishwasher… WTF? #sorandom #whodidthis #baseball #funny #dishwasherproblems #isthisnormal

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13. The fewest items should take up the most space. Or is it the other way around?

14. And let’s not even talk about the soap.

15. Maybe we don’t deserve to live in the 21st century.

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We’re clearly nailing #DishwasherLoading here at work. #PrettyClean #Optimized #DishwasherProblems

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h/t: Buzzfeed