One of the best perks about online shopping is that you can buy almost anything you want from the comfort of your own home–now you don’t even have to leave the house to buy your very own adult unicorn onesie!

Of course, that’s also one of the biggest risks of online shopping–you don’t get to see what you’re buying in person before you buy it. Not surprisingly, lots of companies take advantage of this by selling things that are a bit different than advertised. Maybe that onesie is actually child sized, or it’s not as stain-resistant as you need it to be.

We’ve all ordered something online only for it to arrive different from the item we originally bought. But these 15 online shopping fails (via Bored Panda) are truly next level. Scroll down, and remember to be careful before clicking “buy.”

1. I have one idea.

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2. You’ll grow into them.

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3. To be fair, most TV stands don’t cost $4.99

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4. Roses are red, scallions are green, things on the Internet aren’t what they seem.

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5. The vest that’s also a cry for help.

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6. Are you sure you didn’t just shrink in the night?

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7. Should have specified you wanted “non-cameltoe.”

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8. Mom…did you think Bratz is a clothing line?

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9. Never trust a product listing that uses a comic sans font.

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10. Everything changed for Teddy once he got gastric bypass.

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11. It’s mostly filled with catnip.

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12. The weirdest condom you’ve ever seen.

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13. Again, are you sure you didn’t shrink in the night?

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The story: “Three years ago I unknowingly bought a two-person child’s tent thinking it was adult-sized. I still took it to the festival.”

14. Oh, you wanted something nice? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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h/t: Bored Panda