Maybe you’re one of those ultra-confident people for whom sex is never embarrassing. And maybe Sasquatch is real. Let’s face it, folks: even when sex goes well, it’s fairly awkward. You’re showing your nude body to another adult, and that’s never easy. You’re making all sorts of noises and motions that are never as sexy as you think they are. Bodily fluids are involved. Do I need to keep listing reasons?

So when things go wrong during sex, it’s not even embarrassing. It’s scarred-for-life territory. The kind of humiliation that you go the rest of your life without telling anyone about. But somehow, a few brave strangers went to Reddit and did just that.

These are the kinds of embarrassing sex stories we’ve all probably worried about happening to us. And you know what? Knowing that people’s worst sexual fears did come true and they still survived is a comfort. Maybe?

Just be glad these stories didn’t happen to you.


1. One word you never wanna hear involving sex? “Gouge.”

Photo Credit: Tackysackjones

2. Slip ‘n’ Slide ‘n’ Ouch

Photo Credit: Reddit

3. Blood Bath

Photo Credit: pm-me-puppypics

4. Hey, whatever gets you in the mood.

Photo Credit: ratchnad

5. Hey, Grandma

Photo Credit: aintnoqueen

6. Streaming Service

Photo Credit: chill_nz_

7. Earning His Stripes

Photo Credit: Fantum49

8. No Trespassing

Photo Credit: DaGreatPenguini

9. Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Photo Credit: Ohthewillowwisp

10. The Gymnast

Photo Credit: fatapolloissexy

11. Call of the Wild

Photo Credit: roughingit

12. Master Blaster

Photo Credit: dameanmugs

13. Reflex Test

Photo Credit: littlelakes

14. Happy Birthday!

Photo Credit: DavidisGoliath

15. Bad Dog

Photo Credit: beiman



h/t: College Humor