It’s fun to sit around and talk about the things we miss from the years when we were growing up, but how often do you long to bring back the playground insults from your days at school? These 15 people have thought about it, and after you read through their suggestions, I guarantee you will be, too.

#15. Very descriptive.

“You look like 10 pounds of sh*t in a five pound sack.”

#14. More proper.

“I wish people still said “You forget yourself” as a response to a comment someone made. It’s like a more proper “How dare you” with the implication that you are beneath them and should remember your place”

#13. Strangely endearing.

“A roommate once referred to an idiotic person she knew as “a muppet.” It was strangely endearing and oh-so-slightly savage that I’ve used it since but would love to live in a world where we could freely call each other muppets.”

#12. I fell in love with my fella the first time we used this word spontaneously.


#11. We all miss that

“Calling someone a Spaz. I miss that.”

#10. Okay, that’s going wayyyyy back.

“I bite my thumb.”

#9. Oooohhhh dang.

“You six piece chicken mcnobody.”

#8. YAS.


#7. Your face!

“Your face”

Eg “that shirt looks mental” “your face looks mental” “dude that doesn’t make any sense” “your face doesn’t make any sense”

#6. See also: go piss up a rope.

“Go take a long walk off a short peir.”

#5. So, there.

“You’re not invited to my birthday party”

#4. Rufio FTW.

“You lewd, crude, rude, bag of pre-chewed food dude.”

#3. Basically.

“Up your nose with a rubber hose. Basically any insult from Welcome Back, Kotter.”

#2. Mom?


#1. Classic.

“Eat sh*t and die.”