Awkward things are happening all around us all the time. Holding a door for someone who’s too many steps away. Ending a business call with “I love you.” Meeting the governor and projectile vomiting directly into his mouth. (Just me?)

Awkwardness is so common that it takes a truly exceptional failure to even be worth talking about. And that’s exactly what we’ve got here. Below, check out 15 of the most awkward things that happened this year, from people who were brave enough to share.


1. Foot, meet mouth.

Photo Credit: @MakVest

2. The great bra mystery.

Photo Credit: @n_brayshaw

3. Nobody’s impressed by your bougie water.

Photo Credit: @autumnsays_

4. One out of five stars.

Photo Credit: @QuietTable

5.¬†Nothing they haven’t seen before.

Photo Credit: @oregonjobs2

6. Thanks a lot, shipping company.

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7. No es salsa.

Photo Credit: Imgur

8. Don’t flatter yourself.

Photo Credit: @xineliza

9. Double the disappointment.

Photo Credit: @prayag_sonar

10. C-o-r-s-a-g-e

Photo Credit: @nottlee

11. ‘Round the clock service.

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

12. “Excuse me, you’re in my seat.”

Photo Credit: Reddit

13. Cry for help.

Photo Credit: @CBMSt1

14. He will never stop blushing.

Photo Credit: @skelly401

15. Time to update the resume.

Photo Credit: @sznvibes



h/t: Buzzfeed