There are basically two types of pranks. The first kind is a harmless goof that works for almost anyone, like slipping a whoopie cushion under your coworker’s chair. This kind of prank is boring and barely worth talking about.

The second kind of prank can only be played on someone you know well, so well that you can list all their deepest fears and insecurities. When these pranks work, they cause the unsuspecting victim to question everything they thought they knew about their relationship with you. If you can give your loved ones a full-blown panic attack, you pulled a great prank.

Today we have an example of the latter kind of prank. Twitter user @kelllicopter came up with the idea, which is both beautiful and devastating in its simplicity. (via Bored Panda)

Photo Credit: @kelllicopter

Now we’re talking.

As you can see, the prank went viral as thousands of people tried it. And as you can imagine, the reactions varied. Some guys were shocked. Others just rolled with it. And here are 15 of the best responses.


1. Aww

Photo Credit: @_loganmichellee

By “hygiene school” I hope he meant “dental hygienist school” and not, like, a place that teaches you to wear deodorant.

2. The Womanchild

Photo Credit: @kez_faz

And that’s how you break the record for the world’s fastest breakup.

3. When you meme one too many times.

Photo Credit: @Exotic_ispunkd

He’s still scarred from The Bird Box challenge.

4. Priorities

Photo Credit: @megan_grady

What an under-reaction. He figured out how to make Chicken McNuggets at home!

5. Second Thoughts

Photo Credit: @alexis_brody

Sorry, fella. The position has already been filled.

6. Opposites Attract

Photo Credit: @scotti_lynae

Guaranteed their kid grows up to be a Baltimore Orioles fan just to spite them.

7. Reality Check

Photo Credit: @annahlarkin_

That’s not even enough money to hold your baby while you’re in the hospital.

8. Fur Baby

Photo Credit: @bennett_adriana

9. When your boyfriend is Fat Bastard.

Photo Credit: @hannahlarkin_

The other other white meat.

10. Winter Is Coming

Photo Credit: @kayla__binkley

This could would go on to have twins, which they named Daenerys and George R. R. Baby.

11. Raising Arizona

Photo Credit: @the_final_pam

He’ll be taking these Huggies and whatever cash you’ve got.

12. There’s more than one way to have a baby.

Photo Credit: @NOTVIKING

Pfft. If a guy needs more than three days, he’s not the one.

13. BFFs

Photo Credit: @EmFuthey

To be fair, it can be difficult making friends when you’re an adult.

14. Think Practical

Photo Credit: @hennagibbs

Who’s daddy’s little deduction? YOU are!

15. Quid Pro Quo

Photo Credit: @hennagibbs

My advice to her: go for it, but insist on a cheese pizza. No toppings. Gotta have leverage in case you want a second kid.


h/t: Bored Panda