15 Men Share Traditionally Female Things They Would Love to Try Without Feeling Judged



Society has been focused on women’s experiences and roles for some time now (as it should have been), but sometimes I think people forget that sexism and misogyny and our system of patriarchy also harms men in just as big of numbers.

Like these 15 guys, who feel as if they can’t even try an activity or product they’d like to because someone would think it’s too girly.

Do what you want, I say.

#15. I do limit myself.

“I’m not sure if this considered stereotypically feminine, but id love to give people more hugs. I still do, but I do limit myself more than id like to cause I’m worried people will think I’m weird.”

#14. Got a lot of looks.

“Fruity drinks absolutely. Had an appletini once and got a lot of looks. Fuck you I want fabulous fruity flavor you fucking fuck.”

#13. My dad never let me.

“I really wanted to do ballet as a child,
my dad never let me.”

#12. Love it.

“It’s less that I don’t do it, but more that I don’t talk about it with most folk I know.

But I fucking LOVE to cook and bake. Main dishes, side dishes, desserts (I REALLY like making desserts,) breads, muffins- fuck, I’ve even made my own home-made donuts using an old-ass recipe that called for LARD. I love cooking and baking. Love it.”

#11. Leggings.

“Leggings. I really want to try leggings.”

#10. Someday.

“I want to knit a sweater or something someday.”

#9. I want to be a…

“I’m a straight guy. I wanna be a wedding planner.

Edit: Wow! So much support! The ironic thing is that I’ve never been married and if I were to, I’d probably ditch the ceremony and go straight to the honeymoon. But still…

Edit 2: Whoever gave me that gold, you da real MVP!”

#8. Like a guy.

“I cross my legs sometimes when I sit. It’s just more comfortable to me until I have to switch but it’s pretty rare if I ever see any other guy sit in the same position. Usually it’s the skinnier guys who are more likely to do it.

Sometimes I’ll sit properly with both feet on the ground or cross my legs like a guy when I get conscious of other people around me even though it’s less comfortable.”

#7. Social anxiety.

“Mani-pedi. I could really use one, but I’d have to go with someone, preferably a woman, because I just cannot handle that particular brand of social anxiety alone.”

#6. Captain Jack.

“Wear mascara/eye liner. I wanna look like captain jack sparrow.”

#5. Because I care about them!

“If it would be okay for me to be more affectionate to people without them thinking that I’m either gay or into them, coz I say I love you a lot to my friends (because I care about them!) but some of them get uncomfortable so I don’t.”

#4. I’m just really interested.

“Reading books such as Gossip Girl. Idk why I’m just really interested in reading about high school teenage drama.”

#3. So floofy.

“When I was 15-16 and I had long hair I was messing around with the 30 different hair things my mom had

I did something right cus I looked like fucking Naruto for a week

So floofy

So ploofy

I’m pretty sure I looked like a paintbrush but the Combs couldn’t comb it down at all.”

#2. Fresh air!

“First thing that springs to mind is that in hot weather I’d love be be able to wear a skirt.

Y’know … fresh air!”

#1. WAY better than any washcloth.

“Those fluffy shower loofa-things are WAY better than any washcloth! ALL THE SUDS.”