Parenting isn’t easy, but parenting boys comes with its own unique subset of challenges. Your toilet seats will rarely be dry. You will be subjected to a constant stream of jokes about bodily functions. Your house will constantly face the threat of utter destruction. Obviously these facts of life aren’t all boy-specific–plenty of girls like making fart jokes and taking apart radiators, too. One day we’ll do an article with memes about raising girls.

But for now, here are 15 memes that will make any parents of a boy nod and say, “Yup, same.”


1. It’s just a phase. A phase that lasts a lifetime.

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2. Boy logic.

Photo Credit: The 21st Century SAHM

3. He’s already conning people at a 5th grade level.

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4. There’s no such thing as a small win.

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5. You’re officially a badass.

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6. Boys are basically adorable little sociopaths.

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7. And you can’t even break up with them.

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8. Variety is the spice of life.

9. The Mom diet.

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10. A mother’s mantra.

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11. Solution: invent a toilet that can also play Minecraft.

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12. At least you tried.

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13. Underrated parenting skill? Swordsmanship.

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14. Hey, there are many different types of intelligence.

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15. Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in.

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h/t: Someecards