Children are notoriously picky eaters. Their bodies are basically wired to crave junk food. They will often violently reject anything that isn’t a McNugget or a Pixie Stick, as if it were poison. But eventually, as they grow up, these former children learn to appreciate the less tasty but far healthier foods, like fruits and vegetables.

Or at least some of them do. Others never quite grow out of it, and become adults who refuse to eat anything except grilled cheese or Fruit by the Foot. If you’re an unapologetic picky eater who’s ruined countless dinner parties with our fickle palate, these memes are for you!


1. When survival just isn’t worth it.

Photo Credit: @meechonmars

2. You know what you like.

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3. Food service workers probably hate you.

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4. Pickiness isn’t always logical.

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5. Food borders are strongly enforced.

Photo Credit: Bailey Gurrell

6. You’re a lifelong topping waster.

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7. Compromise? Please.

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8. You’ve made this face a lot.

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9. There’s no such thing as a relaxing dinner out.

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10. You’ve probably used this excuse.

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11. You’re always potentially a rude guest.

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12. Celebrate the small victories.

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13. Your definition of “fine dining.”

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14. At least it keeps you in touch with your youth. Right?

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15. But hey, picky eating does have its upside.

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h/t: Someecards