A mailbox is a receptacle that makes it convenient for large corporations to harass you about money you shouldn’t have to pay them. But a mailbox can also be a work of art!

Bored Panda originally gathered this list of customized mailboxes, and they are way different from the humdrum mailboxes we’re used to. From whimsical sculptures to pop culture homages to straight-up works of art, these mailboxes have been transformed so much they’re hardly recognizable.

And on top of being creative, these mailboxes pulled off something we never thought possible: for the first time ever, they’ve made it fun to get a bill.

1. Mailboxes, etc.

Photo Credit: Flickr

2. Mini Me

Photo Credit: Reddit

3. To destroy bills, set to “popcorn.”

Photo Credit: Reddit

4. Lights, camera, mailbox.

Photo Credit: Reddit

5. Rise of the machines.

Photo Credit: Reddit

6. Don’t have a sea cow, man.

Photo Credit: Marleyey

7. Someone loves getting chain mail.

Photo Credit: Reddit

8. Octo-postman

Photo Credit: Tube Dude

9. I mean…sure?

Photo Credit: Reddit

10. This one holds your mail and scares away children.

Photo Credit: Waymarking

11. Crushing it.

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

12. Step one: cut a hole in the mailbox.

Photo Credit: Reddit

13. Involving the mail carrier in your fetish.

Photo Credit: letterboxnames

14. A constipated dragon.

Photo Credit: Reddit

15. An AT-AT getting a prostate exam.

Photo Credit: Reddit


h/t: Bored Panda