15 Husbands Who Are in Shopping Hell



If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a woman, you know the drill. They bring you shopping, saying they just have to get “one thing”, only to leave you to wait for hours on end while holding all their things.

That’s a little bit of a stereotype, but it is also very much rooted in truth – we’ve got the proof.

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1. The look of defeat

2. Might as well sleep, it’s gonna be a while

3. Just go ahead and use him as a rack

4. Absolute misery


6. “What happened to my life?”

7. Still alive?

8. This guy is a seasoned pro

9. A whole gaggle of them

10. The kid doesn’t like it either

11. Not too into the shoes, are you?

12. Why?

13. Just make a run for it

14. He might be crying

15. Just let it all go…

We all feel your pain, gentlemen.