What year is it? Where am I? WHO AM I?

I love going anywhere that has cutting-edge ideas or technology. Restaurants, businesses, hotels, airports, etc. It’s refreshing, isn’t it?

And these places are definitely ahead of the game. In fact, you might even find yourself wondering…”Have I been transported to the future…?”

1. Yes, please!

The hotel I stayed at last weekend has a ‘Shower Beer’ fridge by the shower. from mildlyinteresting

2. That is awesome.

My hotel in Hong Kong includes this local phone to use while in the city. It even works as a WiFi hotspot. from mildlyinteresting

3. Bring on the bubbly.

The hotel I am staying at has a vending machine strictly for champagne. from mildlyinteresting

4. Let’s have a chat.

This hotel lets you borrow a plant to take to your room so you have a friend to talk to. from mildlyinteresting

5. Can you read that?

a really cool bookshelf whose shelves spell something, seen at a hotel from mildlyinteresting

6. Brilliant idea.

My hotel bathroom mirror had a build in bluetooth speaker… from mildlyinteresting

7. I’m gonna take it, that’s for sure.

My hotel wants you to take the nice soap home! from mildlyinteresting

8. You don’t want to get lost in China.

My hotel in China has a card to give to a taxi driver so you can find your way back. from mildlyinteresting

9. Skip the cleaning, have a drink.

The hotel I’m staying at gives you a free drink at the hotel bar of you forego a room cleaning from mildlyinteresting

10. I assure you, they’re clean.

This bag of old/stained face towels have been re-used as “rags” at this hotel. from mildlyinteresting

11. I always like to know that.

My hotel shower handle tells the water temperature from mildlyinteresting

12. Relax in style.

Stayed in a Boeing 747 converted to hostel at Arlanda airport, Sweden (Jumbo Stay) from mildlyinteresting

13. I’d love to try these out.

Sleeping pods inside of the waiting area at Munich Airport from mildlyinteresting

14. Showcasing local talent.

The Portland airport has a free movie theatre where they feature short films produced by local film makers. from mildlyinteresting

15. I wish every airport had arcade games.

This airport has free arcade games to help pass the time from mildlyinteresting

Do you have any cool photos or stories like this?

Let us know about it in the comments!