If you’re the sort of person who enjoys an elaborate baking project, Halloween is one of the best times of the year. Once the calendar turns over to October, you’ve got a whole bunch of new flavors and styles to play around with. Apple cider donuts! Dracula cookies! Pumpkin-spiced everything! If you’re feeling frisky, maybe even some gingerbread!

But if you love baking, you also know that sometimes the end result doesn’t look anything like what you expected…especially when you were trying to recreate a Pinterest-worthy treat. And that’s why October is also the season for Halloween-themed baking fails. Luckily for all of us, amateur bakers have been brave enough to share their Halloween baking disasters, and now we share them with you. (via Bored Panda.) Good luck, Halloween bakers, and remember: if at first you don’t succeed, there’s always store-bought.


1. Vampire teeth cookies

Photo Credit: Delish

Looks like Dracula needs braces.

2. Ghost bananas

Photo Credit: onelog

Some nights you can still hear a voice shouting, “Who am I, Martha Stewart? Screw this!”

3. Spider cookies

Photo Credit: veronniiicaaaa

Just call them “stepped-on spider cookies.”

4. Jack-o-lantern cookies

Photo Credit: Favorite Things

Their secret ingredient? The souls of the damned.

5. Brain cake

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

This was the first time a zombie ever said, “Nah, I’m good.”

6. Ghost strawberries

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

And that’s why you don’t apply icing with a shotgun.

7. Pumpkin cheeseballs

Photo Credit: Pinterest

After making cheeseball #1: Well, that was my first one. I’ll get better.

Cheeseball #2: Uh oh.

Cheeseball #3: Honey, can we skip the Halloween party? I have a migraine.

8. Gluten-free skeleton cookie

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

Someone’s been hitting the Halloween candy pretty hard.

9. Hot dog mummy

Photo Credit: 90percentmom

It only looks 2,000 years old.

10. Frankenstein Rice Krispie treats

Photo Credit: Ghost Communist

Did I say “Frankenstein”? I meant “The Blob.”

11. Spider-Man candy apples

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

Looks like Dr. Octopus won this round.

12. Surprise pumpkin pound cake

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

Oh, it’s a surprise all right.

13. Ghost cupcakes

Photo Credit: What Megan’s Making

Meet Casper’s lesser known cousin, Chester the Misshapen Ghost.

14. Skeleton fried egg

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

Also known as the “I know Mommy’s out of town, but this will cheer you up” special.

15. Pumpkin bundt cake

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

You know what? I’d still eat it. And all the others, probably.


h/t: Bored Panda