15 Great Dog Tweets from 2019



2019 was a great year for dog tweets. And I do mean great, my friends.

They kept coming at us left and right, but we didn’t complain one bit.

Let’s see some of the best tweets about dogs from last year.

1. This is sweet.

2. Mom has some knitting skills.

3. Two can play at that game.

4. I need one of these in my life.

5. That’s pretty impressive.

6. Happens every time.

7. This is great.

8. A double whammy.

9. The dog is clearly terrified.

10. Like a funhouse.

11. Way to go, Pickles!

12. I belong to you now.

13. Send me an angel.

14. I’m with you on this one.

15. Your dad is obviously the best.

Did you have a great 2019? How about your pups?

Share some pics of your furry friends with us in the comments, please!